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Are you interested in creating a custom piece of swag to sell or give away to your best clients? Check out the BROpener. We custom laser engrave your logo on the BROpener. Choose from our list of anodized colors by request from

Great for NFL, MLB, Pro or Amateur Sports Teams, Breweries, Fraternities or any other businesses that want their logo FRONT & CENTER anytime someone goes to the fridge to BROpen a beer or Mexican Coke...UNLIKE other branded items that end up at the bottom of a drawer somewhere never to be seen again by the human eye.

BROpeners are great gifts for bachelor parties, weddings or other events. We have blanks in 3 colors that can be laser engraved here in San Francisco and shipped with your custom logo in about 2 weeks. 

Here is an example of a project we did for Kuat, the best bike rack company out there.


Email for more info. Pricing is based on order quantity.


Here are some samples: