The BROpener Inc is not responsible for an individual’s use or misuse of the BROpener bottle opener. Please use caution and common sense when using the BROpener. The BROpener is a bottle opener which requires you apply quick pressure with your palm or bottom of your fist to open a bottle. Attempting to open a bottle with the BROpener incorrectly, recklessly or without instruction on proper usage may result in injury. Do not use the BROpener unless you have been instructed on proper use, have read the instructions or seen the instructional video. Do not use the BROpener if you have a history of being prone to injury, currently have a hand injury or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The BROpener contains a powerful magnet and persons with pacemakers should avoid close contact to the BROpener as they would with any magnet. Proper usage of the BROpener does not cause any pain or injury when opening bottles and should require minimal force to open your beverages. If you are opening bottles and it is causing pain or discomfort please stop and carefully review directions for proper use. Please use your best judgment when enjoying your BROpener. BROpener is not responsible for damage to people or damage to the object the BROpener is installed on.